photo of DJ alex brown

COLLEGE: Johnson & Wales University, Providence

DEGREE:  Candidate 2021, BBA

MUSIC STYLE: Multi-Genre (Open Format)

ETHNICITY: French and Portuguese

INTERESTS: Kung Fu, Music Production


DJ Alex Brown (AKA DJAB)

DJ Alex Brown is an artist and entertainer that has a true passion for what he does. A young professional Alex’s energy, enthusiasm and ability sets him apart from all other DJ’s. 

With a meticulous approach to every event and over 7 years of experience in the industry Alex is sure to rock every event. His personal mantra is “every event is a learning experience, learning is continuous.” This coupled with his drive and passion for what he does makes him more than just a qualified individual.

Speaking of qualifications, Alex is one of very few DJ’s in the area to be a member of the American Disc Jockey Association. The ADJA is the only registered trade organization for DJ’s and to be a member you must adhere to their code of conduct.

Why does your site reference multiple names?

We are currently going through some branding changes so you can expect to see the site among other things changing over the long term. Approximately 2 years. Because of the size of the business and the way it is set up, it’s not simply flip a switch and everything is perfect so the process takes time. If you would like more details please see the websites footer below for a link.

Awards & Qualifications

Winner of Weddingwire’s Couples’ Choice Awards 2019 & 2020

Winner of Weddingwire’s Rated Badge

American DJ Association Member


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Phone: 401-248-4224