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DJ Alex brings an amazing experience to EVERY event, especially being a prom DJ for over most of his career. Alex ensures every student has a great time at the dance by playing music that students want to hear.  Ales is a young, full time, professional DJ who delivers a fun and fresh experience to students who are sick of having “the creepy 50 year old cheesy DJ”. Alex knows school dances which is why he has clean edits for all his songs. Be sure to checkout the school dance promo video below (mobile) or to the right (desktop).

Prom DJ: Why DJ Alex is Different

Not every DJ does Sweet 16s, Proms and School Dances, back to back during prom season. DJ Alex does, in fact during May he typically does anywhere from 2-4 events per weekend! On that note, he is in high demand during prom season so be sure to book early so you don’t miss out.  This level of business beans he is always on top of the latest  music trends, that includes music from the past that has come back, such as Bohemian Rhapsody last year. 

Prom DJ: Lightshow

Our light shows are safe, cost effective, and leave students wanting more! All DJ packages include lights, and we can also make you a customized package that is themed to your dance such as backlights for a neon or glow dance. The light show is one of the most important pieces of any dance because they are scientifically proven to impact peoples mood.

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Why Choose Us?

DJAB Entertainment is a legally registered company meeting state, local, and federal business requirements including paying our fair share of taxes. We are also insured by up to $1 million in liability insurance coverage that covers every event we do, and all equipment we own. Our services have also been shown to increase dance attendance by 200%!

Did you know we can provide photo booth too?

Students LOVE our REAL photo booth! Read more about it by clicking here to go to the dedicated photo booth page.


“DJ Alex Brown did a fantastic job at the Spring Fling dance at our school this year! He got all of our students moving and made it a night to remember. All the advisors at my school are looking forward to using him in the future!”

– Jessica

“Alex was the DJ for our senior prom in June. He communicated well, and he was set up and ready to go when our event began. The lighting towers were a great addition, and he had great music playing during our dinner. Our student body has an eclectic taste in music…. I recommend him highly for his ability and professionalism.” Read Full

– Scott

“Alex did a fantastic job. He was professional, attentive, and interactive with our students.  He motivated them and played exactly the type of music they liked.”

– Lisa

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Is DJ Alex Brown insured: Yes all events are covered by the standard DJAB Entertainment liability insurance.

Is DJ Alex Brown’s music legal: Yes all his music has been obtained through DJ pools and other forms of purchase for commercial use.  This is also certified by the ADJA.

Does DJAB Entertainment pay taxes: Yes, DJAB Entertainment is a legally recognized sole proprietorship and pays state, federal and local taxes.